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Get Rid Of Gout- Naturally Treating Gout Decreases The Chance Of Another Attack

Last night a friend and I went to Leaves and Roots, an amazing herb store in East Orlando that carries around 300 herbs. Yeah, they are legit. If you’re into natural health, you have to visit Leaves & Roots and embrace your inner hippie, because you will walk away learning something every time. Especially your first visit, where you can take the opportunity to talk with some of the resident herbalists that run the store.

Aside from hundreds of herbs, the diverse store also features essential oils, teas and tea blends, spices, aromatherapy supplies, natural body care products, books, and a herbal research room. With herbalists available to answer questions and provide guidance, you can bring a piece of paper with any questions or jot down any health conditions you have, any health factors you’d like to improve, maybe injuries you’d like to relieve, or even genetic health risk factors that run in your family you’d like to take preventative measures against.

I particularly love their unique herbal blends, which are offered in clear capsule pill form or in powder form (so you can mix with liquid or put into capsule pills yourself). The blends are named after the condition or area of the body they will help, such as Allergy Mix, Brain Mix, Candida Mix, Chill Pill, Cramp Mix, Digestion Mix, Energy Mix, Greens Mix, Immune Mix, Thyroid Mix and many more.

They also feature a wide selection of Orenda Herbal products, some of the best and most effective natural body care products I’ve ever tried! I especially love their skin care products, natural first aid, relaxation products and their yoga mat cleaner that comes in a convenient spray bottle.

If you can’t make it to the store just yet, you can browse their selection and place orders through their comprehensive website. Homegrown Co-Op’s online market also features herbs from Leaves & Roots in their dried herbs section (delivery is available through the co-op), and the Homegrown Farm Store on Orange Avenue near Florida Hospital also carries more than 200 herbs and herbal blends from Leaves & Roots.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page for updates on events and herbal resources, and feel free to shoot them a question!

Yogi Herbal Tip: Try Leaves & Roots’ tea blend made specially for yoga lovers! You can give their Yogi Tea blend a try for as low as $2.50 for one ounce.